Dr. Erik Goluboff

Scholarship for Future Doctors

The Dr. Erik Goluboff Scholarship for Future Doctors aims to give scholarship funding to students who are in school and planning to become doctors. Dr. Goluboff is aware of the difficult journey that medical students undergo regarding both their studies and finances, and he wants to give back to our next generation of doctors however he can.

Who is it for?

The Dr. Erik Goluboff Scholarship for Future Doctors is now available to any university students going to school in the United States who have the passion and drive to become doctors. This scholarship is additionally open to any current high school students planning on attending a university and studying to become doctors. Dr. Goluboff knows how the stress placed on students affects them when they have many years of schooling ahead on their road to becoming doctors, and this reason drives him to reward a star student with $1,000 for their tuition.


Dr. Erik Goluboff

Dr. Erik Goluboff

New York, NY Medical Doctor

Having spent three decades in the field, Dr. Erik Goluboff is an expert in urology. He earned his medical degree in 1990 from Johns Hopkins University, and today he is at Genentech as the Principal Medical Lead for the urologic cancer drug development program. Previously, Dr. Goluboff worked for AstraZeneca and spent almost thirty years prior working as an academic urologic oncologist.


Learn About The Dr. Erik Goluboff Scholarship

Dr. Erik Goluboff underwent his own difficult journey to get where he is today, and he understands the trials lying ahead for today’s medical students. After so many years of success under his belt, he now wants to give back to the next generation of doctors with this scholarship fund. Qualifying students are hereby encouraged to take full advantage of this chance to gain scholarship funding and to visit our application page to check out all of the details regarding the application process and how to enter into our essay contest where we select the winner.

Earn Money for Tuition

Dr. Goluboff knows better than most how the rising costs of schooling, especially for medical school, places an unnecessary strain on students on their way to becoming doctors. Knowing this, his desire is to provide an opportunity to a deserving student with this $1,000 scholarship award. Using this scholarship, Erik wants to raise awareness to the financial issues faced by students undertaking the long journey to a career in medicine, and in addition to assist one of our future doctors of America to reach their goals.


Learn More About The Scholarship

If you have any questions or are in need of more information about the scholarship, please get in touch by filling out the form on our contact page and someone will respond to you shortly. If you are a part of any universities or organizations and are looking to reach out and see how you get involved with our scholarship, please get in contact and find out how you can help. We want to wish good luck to each of our students with the essay contest and on their journeys to becoming doctors!


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